Women's Clothing Brand

Welcome to Notable! We are always trying to create and design unique, trending, classic women's fashion that you'll want to wear over, and over again.

Being a small and new brand, we only carry a very small quantity of items so we can constantly keep up with refreshing you with new looks. You'll want to grab those special pieces before they're gone!

The fashion market on Instagram can be very overwhelming so we hope through our own Instagram we can teach women just how easy it can be to wear women's clothing in more way than one while inspiring you to love fashion.

More Than Just Fashion

Each piece is designed with our customer in mind. With adjustable straps, properly placed pockets, hem lengths that are functional (no crop tops here), and fabrics that are high quality, with a look and feel that will make you swoon. We've created piece that are more than just basics and designed perfectly for layering. Each piece is transitional for whatever the weather or the occasion.  

Meet The Curators

Andrea Benavides started Notable in June of 2019. With her strong love for fashion, she wanted to have an outlet where she could feature some of her new favourite pieces for every season. Now teaming up with her mother who also has a deep connection towards fashion, they are happy to introduce you to Notable, a brand made with thought, and a whole lot of love.

Made in Peru 🇵🇪

Andrea and her mother reached into their Latin American roots and hunted for a manufacturer in Lima, Peru. Peru is where Andrea's mother was born and raised, while Andrea spent many months of her own life living in Peru. It was important for them to work with manufacturers in Peru and to be able to help support the Peruvian community. 

Each piece is hand sewn by Peruvian women in a small manufacturing company. We can't thank them enough for all their hard work in bringing Notable to life.